How to make an exchange?

Where to begin?

To get started, go to the “Exchange” page.


Choice of exchange direction.

There are three columns in front of you on the Exchange page:

  • Give back

    sеlect the currency (payment system) that you would like to give back.


  • Receive

    sеlect the currency (payment system) that you would like to receive.


  • Reserve

    Here you can see the amount that is currently available on our service.



Filling out an exchange application form

Now you need to correctly fill in all the fields for a successful exchange. Indicate reliable data!

Section Give →:

Fill in all the fields that are necessary (in some directions of the exchange you will need to specify personal data: name, phone number, account number, card number, email).

Enter the amount you want to exchange in the “Amount” field (in the “Receive →” section in the same field you will calculate how much you will receive.)

Section Get ←:

Here the most important thing is to indicate the correct details for which funds will be credited to you.

If you exchange cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, etc.), then it’s better to copy the address of your wallet (sеlect the wallet address and press the two keys “Ctrl + C” on the keyboard. Next, click on the “To account” field and paste the copied text “Ctrl + V”).

In the “Amount” field, you will already have a calculated amount. But you can also enter there the amount that you need, in the “Give →” section, you will calculate how much you will need to give.

Next, enter Email and enter the correct answer in the task.

Click Continue

Next, you will be presented with all the information where you can check once again the correctness of the entered details and amount. Now you need to read the terms of service and check the box that you agree with them.

If you entered the wrong address, a refund will not be possible.

If everything is correct, then click “Create Request”.


Application Payment

After creating the application you need to pay for it.

The page will detail how to pay for it. Also, when paying, check the details for which you transfer several times, a refund will not be possible.

If this is a banking direction, first you need to verify the bank card (this is done for security purposes, to make sure that the exchange is made by the card holder).

Once you have paid for the application and made sure that the funds have been debited from your wallet, click on the “I paid” button.

Thus, you let the operator know that you paid for the application. If you don’t click, the application will be automatically deleted and you will not be charged.


Completed application and payment of funds

Payment of funds will be made after you receive funds.

If you send Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency, then to start the transaction must be confirmed on the network and receive at least two confirmations. Only after that you will be paid.

After you receive the funds, you can also leave a review about the work of our service.