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Change-X Service Agreement

1. Parties to this Agreement.
This agreement is concluded by the following parties: the Internet service Change-X, which exchanges various title units, hereinafter referred to as the Service, on the one hand, and the person, further referred to as the Client, who used the exchange services provided by the Change-X Service, on the other side.
Zhdansky Code of the Russian Federation is an official written public offer.

2. Terms indicated in the Agreement
2.1 Service is a Change-X online exchange service that exchanges title units on the website.
2.2 The Client is an individual who uses the Internet service product and agrees with the conditions of the Change-X Service reflected in this agreement, to which the Client unconditionally joins.
2.3 The title sign is a conventional unit of a payment system that complies with the calculations of existing electronic systems and means the amount of rights specified in the agreement between the electronic payment system and its Client.
2.4 Application – an expression of the Client’s intentions to use the services of the Change-X website by filling out a form through the Change-X Service website on the conditions that are presented in this Agreement and in the description of this Application.
2.5 The exchange of title units is the exchange of any electronic currency of payment systems for another electronic currency offered by the Change-X Service
2.6 Public offer – this is all the data displayed by the Service on the actual conditions when submitting applications.
2.7 Card verification is a procedure for checking the owner of a bank card / account on the terms and conditions established by the Change-X service for each new card / account of the Client.
2.8 Partner – a person who provides Change-X Service with assistance in attracting new Clients, under the conditions described in this Agreement.

3. Terms of this offer agreement
3.1 The following rules and requirements are proposed to be considered organized due to the conditions of the public offer specified below in the text, formed when the Client submits any application for the exchange of electronic title units.
3.2 This offer is one of the main components of this Agreement.
3.3 All actions that were taken at the completion of the application process by the Client, indicate his intentions to complete the transaction for the exchange of electronic currencies (title units) and the full acceptance of the terms of this Offer, on the terms proposed by the Change-X Service before completing the processing of the application. All parameters of the Application, including the time and date, are created using the Service’s own hardware (software on the Change-X website) at the end of the process of generating this application. The proposal is accepted by the Client within 24 hours after the formation of the application.
3.4 The Client Agreement (Offer) for the provision of electronic title units exchange services in this Agreement will be deemed to have entered into force from the moment they are received in full from the Client to the specified details of the Change-X Service, which are indicated in the Application.
3.5 All operations with electronic title units on the Change-X service are conducted subject to the rules established by electronic payment systems, as well as the rules and format of settlements.
3.6 The wording (minus all commission costs) means – deduction of the commission of the payment system for the transfer of funds as well as deduction of the commission of the Change-X service in this direction of exchange.

4. Subject of the agreement and terms of service
4.1 The subject of this Agreement (Offer) is the provision of Clients for the exchange of title units (electronic currencies)
4.2 The Client (User) fully accepts all the conditions of this agreement when submitting an application by clicking on the button “I have read and agree to the rules of the service” and also when registering on the Change-X website.
4.3. The receipt of the service is carried out only by creating an Application on the Change-X Service website and in no other way.
4.4 After fulfillment of all obligations for the exchange of title units (electronic currencies) by the Change-X Service, the application is deemed completed and is non-refundable.
4.5 Change-X service is not responsible for the actions of various payment systems, all rights and obligations of payment systems and their Clients are regulated in the rules for the provision of services of Payment systems.
4.6 When creating an application on the Change-X Service website, the Client confirms that all title units (money) are in the legal possession of the Client.
4.7 The Client, using the services of the Change-X Service, assumes the obligation to pay taxes in accordance with the Tax legislation at the location of the Client.
4.8 When filling out the Application, the Client instructs the Change-X Service to exchange one title unit (electronic currency) for other title units (electronic currency) on his own behalf and at the expense of the Client, the sent and received title units (electronic currency) are indicated by the client himself when filling out application forms on the Change-X Service website.
4.9 the Client undertakes to transfer (transfer) the sent electronic currency (title units), in the amount specified in the Application, and the Change-X Service after receipt of this electronic currency (title units) undertakes to (transfer) to the Client the information received in the Application currency, at the Rate and Tariffs of the Change-X Service.
4.10 Change-X Service courses are indicated at one of the stages of application creation. All rates presented in the Change-X service may differ from the market price and from other exchange sites as well as exchanges. Change-X service has the right to independently change the exchange rates of Electronic currencies at any time unilaterally.
4.11 The obligations of the Change-X Service for the exchange of electronic currency (title units) are deemed to have been completely fulfilled from the moment it is debited from the Change-X Service account, this operation is recorded and confirmed in the transaction history of the relevant Payment system.

5. Additional terms
5.1 In those cases when an amount that differs from the one indicated earlier by the Client in the Application is transferred to the Change-X Service account, the exchange Service performs a recalculation operation, corresponding to the actual title units received. When the amount transferred to the account of the exchange Service turned out to be more than 10% indicated by the Client in the application, the Service terminates the contract on its own initiative, and the entire amount received will be returned to the specified details of the Client, deducting all commission costs from the client.
5.2 In cases where an amount that differs from the previously indicated by the Client in the Application and is less than the minimum allowable exchange amount will be transferred to the Change-X Service account – funds will not be returned to the sender’s account.
5.3 In cases where the Change-X Service, due to its fault, delays the transfer of title units to real details that the Client indicated in the application for a period of more than 24 hours, the Client has the right to demand the termination of the concluded agreement on the provision of exchange services, cancel the Application and complete thereby returning their title units to the account indicated in the application. Title marks will be returned in full. All requirements for terminating the service and returning the requested marks are fulfilled by the Service in the event that the requested funds have not already been sent to the details specified by the Client in the application. Upon termination and cancellation of the contract for the exchange of electronic title units, they shall be returned by the Service within a period of 24 hours from the moment the Client announced the termination of the contract. The exchange service will not bear any responsibility in cases where delays in the transfer of funds in the form of electronic title units to the Client’s accounts occurred due to the fault of other parties or payment systems.
5.4 In cases where the declared Customer title units intended for exchange have not been received to the Change-X Exchange Service account for the period specified in the exchange application, the agreement between the Service and the Client for the provision of exchange services is considered not to have entered into legal force and will be terminated by the Service on its own unilateral initiative. The service should not notify the Client in any way about the termination of the contract. The title marks from the Client that appear on the account of the exchange Service after the period specified in the application and in this Agreement are transferred back to the specified account of the Client with the difference of all commission costs due to the client.

5.5 If, however, the delay in the transfer of electronic currencies (title units) to the valid details that were specified by the Client occurred due to the fault of the electronic payment system, Change-X Service liabilities and disclaims any obligations to the Client for any damage caused to it. The Client, expressing agreement with these Rules, acknowledges that any claims in these cases will be presented to the electronic payment system. The Service may, at its discretion, assist the Client in redressing damage to the Client.
5.6 If, during the execution of services, the Change-X Service detects any actions aimed at impairing or interfering with the operation of technical equipment, including the substitution and falsification of communication flows, impact on the program code, the Change-X Service has the right to suspend work on servicing the application. The funds received in the form of title units will be returned to the Customer’s account after recalculation, in accordance with the current agreement.
5.7 By agreeing to these Rules and starting to use the services of the Change-X Service, the Client expresses his full agreement with the fact that the Change-X exchange service bears an exclusive limited liability to the Client only within the framework of these Rules for all title units received from him (electronic currencies ) The Client also agrees that the Exchange Service disclaims any additional guarantees and any additional liability.
5.8. The Change-X Service customer is obligated to comply with the norms and requirements of the legislation of the country of his location at the time of using the Services. The client agrees to refuse any actions aimed at faking communication information flows. In addition, he undertakes not to create any obstacles to the normal operation of any part of the program code of the exchange Service.
5.9. The service disclaims any form of liability for damage caused to the Client as a result of erroneous translation of electronic title units resulting from the indication by the Client of incorrect or invalid details in the Application.
5.10. The exchange rate for E-currency is fixed by the Change-X Service System for 15 minutes from the date of the Application. In the event that the User completes the transfer of funds after this time (15 minutes), the Change-X Service automatically updates the rate and completes the operation at the new rate and can also terminate the contract on its own unilateral initiative. The service should not notify the Client in any way about the termination of the contract. If the Customer’s funds came to the Change-X service’s account during non-working hours of the service (according to the working hours), holidays, technical break, funds are recalculated during business hours at the current rate.
5.11 Features of the exchange in some areas:
– Bank payments can be processed by Change-X Service within 24 hours, Change-X Service may request Verification of the card / account of the Client;
– Payment system PerfectMoney can delay transfers for 24 hours or more;
– If the Application in the direction of Bitcoin and other decentralized currencies is executed, then a refund is not possible;
5.12 In case if the title characters (electronic currencies) were received on the Change-X Service account without creating an application with the corresponding amount of money and the Client did not inform Technical Support, then these title characters (electronic currencies) are stored on the Change-X Service account for 30 days from the date of their receipt, after which they become the property of Change-X Service.
5.13 In those cases when the change-X service received the title units (electronic currencies) within 15 minutes required to fix the rate, but the transaction was not confirmed by one or another payment system within the required time (15 minutes), Change-X service has the right to recalculate at the new rate and also terminate the contract unilaterally or return the funds back to the client, deducting all commission costs from the client.

6. Service Guarantee
The Service guarantees to provide the service requested in the Client’s application for the exchange of electronic title units within 24 hours from the moment the application was submitted to the Service, if the terms of the exchange do not specify a different term for the provision of the service.

7. Force Majeure
In the event of unforeseen (force majeure) circumstances independent of the Change-X exchange service that have led to the inability to perform the services of exchanging electronic title units to the Client, within the time period specified in the Agreement, the Change-X Service will postpone the term of the service for a period which corresponds to the duration of force majeure. The Change-X Service does not bear any legal responsibility for any possible damage that the Client will incur in the event of unforeseen (force majeure) circumstances independent of the Change-X Exchange Service.

8. The format of this agreement
The parties to the agreement in the person of the Service and in the face of the Client accept it as a contract of equal legal value, which was drawn up between them in writing.

9. Claims of the parties, resolution of possible disputes
Change-X Service accepts all claims that arise with the Customer under the agreement set forth on this page only in electronic form (email). The client must clearly and clearly indicate the essence of their claims in a letter.

10. Other conditions
10.1 It is strictly forbidden to use the services of the Change-X Service for the exchange of electronic title units in order to carry out any fraudulent or illegal transfers. By accepting these Rules, the Client assumes full and unconditional obligations to fulfill this requirement. In the event that fraud and illegal transfers are detected, the Client bears all criminal liability established by law.
10.2 If the Change-X Service is unable to fulfill the conditions of the Application for the exchange of electronic title units for various circumstances beyond its control, including such as lack of communication and communication, lack of funds, erroneous data entered by the Client, all funds received by the Service arrive at the Client’s account after 24 hours from the moment the Application was created, or will be returned to the details specified by the Client minus all commission expenses at the client’s expense.
10.3 The user guarantees that he is not involved in:
– money laundering operations;
– income from drug trafficking;
– income from criminal and / or terrorist activities;
– income from trade with countries trade with which is prohibited by international organizations;
– income from any other illegal activity.
10.4 Exchange Service Change-X reserves the full right to transfer upon request of various law enforcement agencies, administrations of Internet payment systems, victims of unlawful acts who have suffered from the actions proved by the judicial and law enforcement agencies all the information they requested about transfers made.
10.5 In case of any suspicion on the part of the Change-X Service of any fraudulent or money laundering operations, the Client must provide documents that prove his identity at the first request of the service administration.
10.6 By agreeing to these rules, the Client thereby assumes an unconditional obligation to refuse any actions or steps that could harm the software or hardware of the service. The Client is obliged to provide accurate information in order to ensure that the Exchange Service fulfills the conditions of the concluded agreement on the exchange of electronic title units.
10.7 Change-X service provides the services specified in clause 4.1 of this Agreement and does not accept payments in favor of any third parties in any way, does not allow transfers to wallets that do not belong to the Client. The electronic currency exchange service Change-X does not conclude any agreements with payees and does not enter into any partnership for its services.

11. Disclaimer of any liability
The Service declares by this agreement that it reserves the full and unconditional right to refuse any Client to perform services for the exchange of electronic title units when concluding the conditions of the application without explanation.

The Change-X Service Client confirms that he is familiar with all the provisions of this Agreement (Offer) and unconditionally accepts them, otherwise the Client does not have the right to use the Change-X Service.